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Post  Lizardman on Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:19 pm

Name: Elkator
Gender: Male
Race: Anthro lizard
Age: 21
Occupation: Shaman
Abilities: Knows the magical circles of the elements, and almost every magic bound to them. He has the power to to manipulate the surrounding plants, can create and move fires, control the temperature of the waters, and call the winds to his aid to lift his body up from the ground. He has more powerful spells, but he normally seals his true powers with magical bandages over his body. He bears the four elements in his limbs accept his tail which has the sign of balance.
(Has a link but have to wait 7 days T_T)
He's relatively tall, but skinny at the same time. he has green scales over his body, and many scars from failed magical experiences. He has a yellow but friendly eyes. He usually wears his light brown robes, but nothing else underneath. He also has a backpack where he stores his gear and ingredients.
Personality: He is kind and friendly, also a little bit shy when meeting with new people. He likes pleasant talks, and also loves playing with people especially if it has magic in it. He also loves to talk about magic and everything related to it, and that can be quite frustrating after a while, if the person let him talk. His purpose in the world is to find out everything about the monsters whose came back, and find a solution to the chaos at hand.

Little history of Elkator:
He born in Elean Hollow into a tribe of his kind. They were a wandering clan walking the forests and hunting whatever they can find. They were also traders, and if someone met with them they traded they rare goods for useful tools. He shown much potential in magic at an early age so the shaman of the tribe took him as his apprentice. He grew up learning the ways of the elements and alchemy. After his eighteenth birthday his master went to rest... forever. He took his place as the shaman of the tribe. When he was twenty he and his tribe found one of the long lost ruins, which nobody found before. They started to explore it, but for some reason no one of the explorers returned. They said it was a cursed place and they should go away, but Elkator couldn't leave without the lost ones. He decided to go down himself to find out what happened. In the dark there was no light and none of his magics worked, neither he could return to the surface. After a while he found a strange mirror. The mirror that looked like as if it was made of water. He carefully inspected but found nothing that he could do with it. When he touched though, he suddenly fell unconscious. After a few hours he awoke at Mount Ariat. He looked around but didn't knew how the hell he could have got here... After a year of searching he found his way back to the forest, but never found his tribe again. Every road lead back to the edge of the Hollow, like it denied him to go deeper into the forests. He gave up after a while, and moved back to the world of the kingdoms, trying to make himself a living. He also heard many rumors about the monsters in the world. Many of them he encountered. He didn't know the whole story but decided to help the people in resolving this matter, as best as he can.


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