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The Four Beasts Empty The Four Beasts

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[[Any player may control these creatures.]]


The beast of Isaryn. It looks like a giant bat with a wingspan of 15 feet. Its body is covered with dark green scales in place of fur, and it has a large pair of viper-like fangs that inject its victim with venom, more often then not leading to a slow, painful death. It is exceedingly swift when in the air, but can be quite clumsy if ever brought to the ground.

The beast of Vesperis. It is roughly 24 feet long, and looks like a moray eel that has sprouted alligator-like legs. It is able to dwell both under the water (both salt and fresh) as well as being able to move on land. It breaths a cloud of gas, which puts anyone who inhales it into a deep slumber.

The beast of Aresti. Looking like an elephant bird and standing at 15 feet tall, it is an extraordinarily fast runner. It also has a long, whip-like tail, tipped with a sharp, blade-like spike.

The beast of Myria. It resembles a massive wolf, with a grizzly bear-like hump, standing about 13 feet tall at the shoulder. Those who hear its howl are said to see their greatest fears before them. When attacked, its thick, dark gray fur is said to change into stone, providing it with armor.


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